I want to go to Kyoto!

Kyoto-City of History, Culture,
Tradition and Cutting-edge Technology

The City of Kyoto, where SCG Japanese Language School is located, has a population of approximately 1.5 million people. It is the former capital of Japan before Tokyo, and has more than 1,200 years of history. Kyoto is a designated City of International Tourism and Culture, with UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage Site“ Historic Monuments o f Ancient Kyoto”. Kyoto h as a prominent number of shrines and temples, and hosts various kinds of festivals including the Gion Festival, one of the three major festivals in Japan. T he city i s also a base of traditional crafts such as Nishijin Textile, Yuzen dyeing, traditional arts such as Noh, Tea Ceremony and Japanese flower arrangement, and pop culture including manga and anime. Kyoto h as always been ranked in the top 10cities in the world in “Travel+Leisure” magazine and more than 55 million tourists visit Kyoto annually. Kyoto is also known as an academic city with 38 universities and colleges. Currently, about 130,000 university and college students are studying and more than 10,000 scholars and researchers are engaged in research activities. In addition, Kyoto has 1,023 companies which have operated for more than 100 years. This is the highest ratio in all of Japan. There are also many world-famous companies with cutting-edge technology including Kyocera, Nintendo, Nidec, Shimadzuand Muratec, which all have headquarters in Kyoto. In this city, you will have a pleasant lifestyle at the forefront of culture, arts and academia.


  • ●Daily classes- easy to understand at a moderate pace.
  • ●We check students’ comprehension with short tests.
  • ●We provide practice exams and special classes for exams before students take Japanese Language Proficiency Tests (JLPT) and Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU).
  • ●Continue to Study at university, graduate school and technical college
  • ●Getting a job at a company and work permit

5unique features of SCG Japanese Language School


We can read manga! We can listen and understand anime! Pop culture classes!

We incorporate pop culture into learning materials and you will learn Japanese currently used in manga, anime and SNS. If you want, we will give you an annual pass to the Kyoto International Manga Museum, which is only a 3-minute-walk from SCG Japanese Language School. At the museum, you can read 50,000 Japanese manga comics. We provide creative and practical learning opportunities - for example, you will create your own manga story and add lines in Japanese classes.


Unique classes only available at SCG Japanese Language School


You will see your life plan by thinking about why we learn.

Active Learning

Students and teachers create classrooms together. Classes include creating and using your own maps in Japanese, group work and speech contests. So, you will never be bored.

Education Coaching

It is a communication skill to motivate students and support their independence using techniques of “active listening”, “questioning” and “recognition”. All 2,000 Seiki staff have this license. We also conduct training programs for teachers and parents in 37 prefectures.

Advanced learning using IoT

We provide variety of learning support through the Internet, such as home learning using e-learning where students can view learning contents online.


Thorough guidance
Complimentary supplementary class
Complimentary individual tutoring

We teach you until you can do it! We, SCG Japanese Language School, believe that it is our obligation to provide students support till you can do it, not only till you understand it. We will provide support with supplementary individual classes until you can actively do it. These supplementary classes and individual tutoring are included in the tuition fees, so you don’t need to pay extra fees. Take advantage of SCG’s thorough learning system and achieve the best results.


Japan’s first JPT certified school
SCG’s Thorough Guidance to University Entrance Exams
Learning Support with Interviews

“JPT@ Japanese Proficiency Test” is the newest Japanese language test conducted twelve times a year. You will know the result a week after the test. The purpose of the JPT Japanese Proficiency Test is to objectively measure and evaluate communication skills required for enrollment and employment in Japan.

Higher levels of JLPT and JPT, EJU and entrance examinations for prestigious universities and graduate schools are extremely challenging. SEIKI Community Group, a main body of SCG Japanese Language School, is an education service company which has helped many students pass entrance examinations of Japanese prestigious universities, senior high schools, junior high schools and elementary schools every year. We teach “Essay” and “Listening”, which are considered to be especially challenging in university entrance exams, at classes in the Academic Course. With 57 years of teaching experience, we will provide you with advice on the choice of universities, course of study, study plan and any problems, as well as regular classes.


Friend Support System- You can make Japanese friends!
You can always ask when you need help!

Even if you learn Japanese, you won’t improve it unless you have an opportunity to actually use it. At SCG, we have 1,900 Japanese students from 110 different universities who are working as staff. We will introduce them to you as your “friends”. You will naturally improve your four skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) of practical Japanese by talking to them every week, exploring the city with them and chatting with them. For those who are planning to enter Japanese university, you can get information from your friends who are currently studying at a university. We hope your friendship with them will last even after you graduate from SCG Japanese Language School! Are you nervous about starting a student life in a new country? If you have concerns in your daily life, it must be difficult to concentrate on your studies. At SCG Japanese Language School, life support staff are always at school and ready to help you with problems related to study, daily life, visa and health insurance procedures.


Course / Price / Discount

Learning environment is important for students


2-year Academic Course Enrollment in April, for those who want to enter Japanese technical colleges and universities
1.5-year General Course Enrollment in October, for those who want to improve Japanese language skills
Short-term Course 2-week intensive Japanese course! You can enroll on a tourist visa.

Daily content

Morning Class (Beginner, Pre-Intermediate) Afternoon Class (Intermediate, Advanced)
Period 1 9:00~9:45 13:00~13:45
Period 2 9:55~10:40 13:55~14:40
Period 3 10:50~11:35 14:50~15:35
Period 4 11:45~12:30 15:45~16:30
Supplementary Individual Support 12:40~13:25 16:40~17:25
Morning Class (Beginner, Pre-Intermediate) Afternoon Class (Intermediate, Advanced)
Period 1
9:00~9:45 13:00~13:45
Period 2
9:55~10:40 13:55~14:40
Period 3
10:50~11:35 14:50~15:35
Period 4
11:45~12:30 15:45~16:30
Supplementary Individual Support
12:40~13:25 16:40~17:25


Please pay ¥880,000 within a week after we give notice of the results of the COE applications.
Once we confirm the payment, we will send a Certificate of Admission and a COE.

2-year Academic Course (Enrollment in April)
Category First Year Second Year
Admission Fee ¥71,500
Tuition Fee ¥770,000 ¥770,000
Course Materials ¥22,000 ¥22,000
Facility Fee ¥22,000 ¥22,000
Total ¥885,500 ¥814,000
1.5-year General Course (Enrollment in October)
Category First Year Second Year
Admission Fee ¥71,500
Tuition Fee ¥770,000 ¥385,000
Course Materials ¥22,000 ¥11,000
Facility Fee ¥22,000 ¥11,000
Total ¥885,500 ¥407,000
Other Fees

※Please pay before entering Japan.

Student Dormitory Fee Please refer to the attached document.(pdf)
Extra-curricular Fee ¥10,000
Accident Insurance ¥6,500
Health Check-up Fee ¥5,050
Visa Renewal Fee ----


Perfect Attendance Award Students who didn’t miss any class and completed all the homework for the past 3 months We give students certificates, awards, tuition fee discounts etc..
Awesome Attitude Award Students whose attitude in class was beyond expectation for the past 3 months
International Friendship Award Students who helped their friends or have done something to help other people
JLPT Achievement Award Students who passed JLPT while studying at SCG on a student visa
Principal’s Award Students with good academic results and attendance rate


Annual events


Month Events EJU JLPT
April 2-year-course Commencement Ceremony・Orientation
☆Excursion Trip
Special Class
May ☆Special Event Special Class
June ☆Excursion Special Class
July ☆Special Event Exam
August Summer break (2-3 weeks) Special Class
September Fall break (1-2 weeks) Special Class Special Class
October 1.5-year-course Commencement Ceremony・Orientation・☆Excursion Trip Special Class Special Class
November ☆Special Event Exam Special Class
December Winter break (1-2 weeks) Exam
January Speech Presentation
February ☆Special Event
March Spring break (1-2 weeks) Special Class
April Excursion Trip Special Class Special Class
May ☆Special Event Special Class Special Class
June ☆Special Event Exam Special Class
July ☆Special Event Exam
August Summer break (2-3 weeks) Special Class
September Fall break (1-2 weeks) Special Class Special Class
October Excursion Trip Special Class Special Class
November ☆Special Event Exam Special Class
December Winter break (1-2 weeks) Exam
January Speech Presentation
February ☆Special Event University Entrance Exam
March Graduation Exam, Graduation Ceremony University Entrance Exam


Learn by real experience with SCG in Kyoto, Japan
SCG’s excursion trips are different and exciting!

In order to understand the Japanese language, it is significantly important to learn about Japanese lifestyle, and not just by knowledge, but by actually experiencing it. You will have an opportunity to experience true Japan and Japanese culture through SCG’s excursion trips. These trips include a camp at “Noto Island Kids Land”, a Japanese food and pottery experience at “Seikisha”, both SCG’s training accommodation facilities, Ukai (Cormorant Fishing) experience in Arashiyama, Hozu River Boat Ride, Zen meditation, Tea Ceremony and Ninja Experience.



Safe and reasonable students’ dormitory - you can ride to school
Westside Ichibankan
Petite Espace Shinmachi
Northside Building West,Building East

Students dormitories are SCG’s own properties. We also have a partnership with a real estate company that manages 20,000 rooms. So, we can provide students the best living environment. The dormitories are located in downtown areas with convenient access to public transportation. The dormitory fee is set lower for students.

Part-time jobs

We introduce part-time jobs with support for job interviews!

Getting a part-time job is a big concern for international students, isn’t it? SCG Japanese Language School will introduce students to part-time job opportunities, depending on students’ Japanese level. This is done through the “Kyoto Genki Club” that has members of more than 40 companies based in Kyoto. SCG staff will accompany you to a job interview and introduce you to people in the office.


Japanese occupations that accept foreigners

A large number of foreigners are currently working in Japan. Why don’t you join too?

Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals

10,553 foreign residents are on the Status of Residence “Arts, Religious Activities, Journalist, Legal and Accounting Services, Medical Services, Researcher and Entertainer”.

  • Certified Public Accountant Annual Salary 10,180,000 JPY
  • Care Worker Annual Salary 3,290,000 JPY
  • Radiologist Annual Salary 5,130,000 JPY
  • Nurse Annual Salary 5,250,000 JPY

180,180 foreign residents are on the Status of Residence “Engineer, Specialist in Humanities, International Services”.

  • English Teacher Annual Salary 3,200,000 JPY or more
  • IT Engineer Annual Salary 6,000,000 JPY
  • Engineering Technologist Annual Salary 3,000,000 – 4,000,000 JPY
  • Interpreter Annual Salary 3,000,000 JPY or more
  • Designer Annual Salary 4,400,000 JPY

22,888 foreign residents are on the Status of Residence "Bisiness Manager".

  • CEO and executives of comoanies Annual Salary 20,000,000 JPY or more

39,378 foreign residents are on the Status of Residence “Skilled Labour”.

  • Pilot Annual Salary 8,000,000 JPY or more
  • Chef Annual Salary 5,000,000 JPY

308,489 people are working as Technical Interns.

  • Annual Salary of Technical Interns 1,700,000 JPY

Specified Skilled Worker

The new visa system (Status of Residence, “Specified Skilled Worker”) started in 2019.

If you pass JLPT N4 and a test of the specific field, and find an employer, you can apply for this work permit and work up to 5 years.

The source is “The situation of highly-skilled foreign professionals working in Japan” (Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Dec 13, 2017). The annual salary, except for technical interns, is the average salary of Japanese employees.


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Number of International Students

Kyoto University 2,732 students
Doshisha University 1,503 students
Ritsumeikan University 2,416 students
Kyoto Sangyo University 269 students
Ryukoku University 305 students

SCGJapanese Language School

SCG Bld., 265‐2 Makieyacho, Nakagyoku, Kyoto, 604-0857, Japan
Tel : +81-75-746-3633
E-mail address : info@scg-language.com

About SCG

History and Outline

“SEIKI Community Group” (SCG) was established in 1962. SCG is Japan’s leading education service company with 57 years of history, 135 schools, 20,000 students and 2,000 employees.

Number of Alumni

SCG has so far helped about 200,000 students enter prestigious universities, senior high schools, junior high schools and elementary schools. The number of students who passed a university entrance examination so far: The University of Tokyo 2,000 students, Kyoto University 8,000 students, Doshisha University 12,000 students, Ritsumeikan University more than 10,000 students.

Contributions to Education in Japan

Mr. Yoshikazu Sasaki, CEO of SCG, has been participating in the Education Rebuilding Implementation Council (ERIC) as an expert committee member since 2012. The ERIC is an advisory body to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Mr. Sasaki has made proposals 11 times in 7 years and is still a very active member.

Greetings from Yoshikazu Sasaki, CEO of SCG (SEIKI Community Group)

Yoshikazu Sasaki
CEO of SCG (SEIKI Community Group)

We, SEIKI Community Group, are an education service company. We have preparatory schools for universities, cram schools, preschools, and programs for talent education and employment support all over the Kansai area around Kyoto City.
SCG was established in 1962 and we currently have more than 12,000 students. We believe that the SCG Japanese Language School’s mission is to help you learn Japanese and Japanese culture, and realize your will in the future through social activities in Japan and abroad. We have teaching skills built over 57-years of entrance examination guidance and talent education support, and teaching theories including education coaching and active learning.
SCG Japanese Language School promises to provide the best support so that we nurture as many talents with “will” as possible.